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The Silvrwingsdragon Collection
Carrie Krueger

http://www.furaffinity.net/user/flyingfire/ Beware of adult content. Some art is not advisable for some viewers.
http://flyingfire.deviantart.com/ Mostly work-safe.
http://flyingfire.net/ Personal website and art view page! Watch art live!
http://www.elfwood.com/~carriecat Some older work, Work safe. ♥

The Markus Krueger Collection

Offered by:

Historical and Cultural Society of Clay County
202 First Avenue North
Moorhead, Minnesota  56560

The Roy Thomas Collection  
Offered by:

Ahnisnabae Art Gallery
7-1500 James Street
Thunder Bay, Ontario
Canada  P7E6N7


Northland Native American Arts
1113 East Franklin Avenue
Minneapolis, Minnesota  55404

The Zodiac Collection

Its in the stars! 

Give a clue to who you are.  Personalize with your name and maybe birthday?

A fantastic birthday gift!!

I Voted !

Political?  Leave no doubt!
Make a positive statement about where you stand!

Card players' collection

Poker, Bridge, Rummy or ?
This is the way to serve coffee!

a set of 4 mugs with heart and diamond in red and spade and club in cobalt blue.


     If fossils are your thing these Trilobites should be just right for you!
These mugs and more can be purchased at the Science Museum of Minnesota.

     We call this the sampler.  It offers an introduction to Braille fonts.  When personalized with one of our Braille art selections or text of your choosing  it is a truly unique offering!    
     We even have a selection of Braille art!  Art designed to allow a braille reader to "see" a rose, his dog or sailing ship among others.  Yes we can offer custom text or names in braille or any other font.  Our Braille is checked by the Volunteer Braille Services of Minnesota .