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Something really nice for the crew?  How about the company logo sandblasted on a mug with their name on it?  No mixed up mugs in the cold and flu season.  No fading image as with sublimation mugs.  It is part of going green too.  Eliminate case after case of paper and plastic cups.  The image, texture and durability at a reasonable price could be a great way to keep your name and phone # in front of your special customers.  What are your ideas? 
Ray 651-776-3750 blastedmugs@q.com.

Your Company Logo, your society or organization.  Proudly proclaim your teams identity!  Reward key persons with their name on your Logo Mug.  Go Green, put an end to the never ending, polluting styrofoam cups.

Your business, your logo, your cup!

Got a logo?  We will make it blast ready and no setup charge!

Need a logo?  We can help with design.